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 “Informing and inspiring your team to be brave and to contribute
to things that matter.”

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Andrew Melas
Founder & Facilitator

Hi, I'm Andrew. 


I am your facilitator and advisor. My aim is to, educate, inform and inspire your team on the day of the team building workshop. We experience an immense feeling of satisfaction and gratitude from participants when they understand the purpose of the activity and know they have spent time helping to contribute to the greater good.

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Julia Dyer
Marketing Strategist

Hi, I'm Julia.


I am the owner and founder of the Change Agent Initiative. I am here to help Andrew and Melanie spread the word! We would like to hold as many workshops as possible and encourage a more conscious spend when it comes to team building activities. If you are considering a workshop facilitated by Andrew, you will be extremely satisfied with the end result.



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Melanie Hills
Project Manager

Hi, I'm Melanie.


I am here to assist Andrew and make sure the Workshops run smoothly. I take care of organizing and shipping the products once completed and make sure your contribution is received by those in need. We appreciate your sponsorship and engagement. Without you, these programs will not be possible.

We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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